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  • weighing ethical issues

    weighing ethical issues

    I have been thinking about the cultural pressure on Christian physicians, lawyers, educators, pharmacists, counselors, photographers, florists, and bakers (this list is growing fast), and I have created a grid to help Christians talk to each other about our response. We may not agree on our answers to these questions, but at least we can…

  • heaven


    Modern Reformation magazine just published this conversation between Scott Swain (RTS, Orlando) and myself about the final destiny of Christians. We can discuss it below if you’d like. Photo by Richard Walker. Via Flickr. Used by permission.

  • misunderstood


    This latest entry for Our Daily Journey was inspired by a line in a student’s paper. This isn’t due for another month, so if you see something, say something. Thanks! It hurts to be misunderstood, especially when we are trying our best to love. We go the extra mile to help, and our coworker suspects…

  • technology & talk

    technology & talk

    I just finished Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. It is a bit repetitive and longer than it needs to be, but it also makes many interesting points about the influence of computers and smart phones on us and our culture. Turkle’s main point is that constantly being…

  • saints


    Protestants often wonder why Roman Catholics pray to saints. Are they elevating saints to the place of God? If not, then why bother praying to them? Why talk to a mere human when we can speak directly to God? Roman Catholics have a good response. When you are in distress, don’t you ask other people…

  • love vs. liable

    love vs. liable

    My family waited out Saturday’s tornado with other customers and employees in the basement of the Rockford Shoe Depot. When the tornado was a few minutes away, my brother went upstairs to see what was happening outside. He saw a car pull into the parking lot, and he quickly unbolted the front doors and motioned…

  • doing good in an evil world

    doing good in an evil world

    Here is my latest entry for Our Daily Journey, perhaps inspired by recent events. Let me know if you see something that needs changed. Special thanks to Brenda DeVries whose conversation pointed me in this direction. Read Mark 12:35-44 “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the others who…

  • Dead or Branson?

    Dead or Branson?

    Let’s take a break from arguing about which presidential candidate is more likely to destroy our nation more slowly (at this point we’re merely discussing speed, not destination) and play the game that no one is talking about yet. Below is a list of entertainers that you haven’t heard from in a while. Is it…

  • the new unmasking

    the new unmasking

    The political conventions are over—the Democrats gave it their best shot and Donald Trump screamed at the world. The highlight of the Republican convention for many was calling back Chachi from what I presume was a stage in Branson, Missouri. By the way, if you have some down time this summer, a fun game to…

  • how to win this election

    how to win this election

    Either Trump or Hillary will win in a landslide if they have the courage to do one simple thing: disappear. Stop talking, tweeting, and teleprompting. Stay off radio, television, and the Internet. Don’t appear in public until after the election. Let the other person have all the attention, and there is no way you will…