Calvin’s other names

In honor of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth, I will periodically test your knowledge of the great, and mostly accurate, Reformer.

Today’s question:  like many other Reformers, Calvin sometimes used an alias to avoid detection.  Which two did he use?  I will give the answer in the first comment.

a. Just some guy

b. Charles d’Espeville

c. Matthaeus Flexibilis

d. Martianus Lucianus

e. Evan Fields

f. Faber Stapulensis

g. Yooper






3 responses to “Calvin’s other names”

  1. mikewittmer

    The answer is b and d. “Stapulensis” was the other name for Lefevre D’Etaples, an 80 year old Reformer who Calvin visited when he was fleeing Paris. Evan Fields is the unimaginative alias which Evander Holyfield used to have some illegal drugs shipped to his house. I think you know the others.

  2. I think Brian would consider that deceitful.

  3. Pam Elmore

    Thanks for the Calvin trivia! I look forward to the next few months learning these tidbits. Maybe I can slip some into my son’s birthday card — he turns 24 on Calvin’s 500th.

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