now it’s official: everyone is on youtube

Andy Rogers from Zondervan just emailed me this link of his interview with me about contemporary theology.  It’s posted today on Zondervan’s koinonia website, but what caught me eye is that it’s also on youtube.  I know this isn’t a big deal, considering what is already on this site, but it’s a first for me. 

Anyway, I can’t bear to watch myself on video, but if you’re interested in the topic, you can watch it and make any comments at





11 responses to “now it’s official: everyone is on youtube”

  1. Congratulations Mike! You know when you’re on YouTube you’ve really “made it” (though I have no idea what “it” is).

    Of course, since I can’t access the video here I can’t comment on it until later. But it doesn’t matter…you’ve still made it! You’re contribution to “culture” has now been established: Print and Video…what else is out there for you to conquer?! 🙂


  2. So, wait… Was HiaPOE part of the pendulum swing? 🙂

    That’s a good little interview segment. And speaking of you on video, let me re-ask this question that you dodged in an earlier comments forum:

    “And completely off-topic:
    Mike, where WERE YOU when you filmed the “Defining Moments” thing about the Kingdom of God? It looks like you’re in the belly/brain of some Victorian era steam-powered robot! And I have to tell you, with all that already/not yet Kingdom stuff, you sound like someone with good solid Augustinian/Calvinist eschatology (read: amillennialism).”



  3. Mike,

    The video is also on Google videos, Yahoo videos and Blip.TV not to mention the DSB Facebook page. So, really, you’re all over the internet.


    He’s done print and video, but what about strictly audio? I’m talking about a Mike Wittmer 80’s rock album! What do you think? He could cover the songs that title his books among other classic hits….

    When you do that Mike, then you’ve made it.

  4. mikewittmer


    I was in an artsy studio in a former warehouse here in Grand Rapids. Don’t you know that progressive dispies ripped off the “already/not yet” from you Reformed folks? So now you’re just like us, except without the need for a designated pagan.

  5. Not “everyone” is on youtube. No one has videoed me doing anything, let alone found anything they would want to share with the world. So hey, you’re cooler than me.

    Andy, as for a Mike Wittmer album, well, I’ve heard him sing in church. Let’s just say that even a sycophant like me has his limits.

  6. Mike

    I thought this was a great example of understanding that we can’t say everything at once, that there are multiple parts of the conversation, that we need to know which part of the conversation we’re having, and that we need to have each part of the conversation.

    Thanks again for your example of how to engage others with whom we disagree.

    …and I just spent my day in an artsy studio in a former warehouse here in Grand Rapids. Was it the one right by the bus station?

  7. Just Some Guy

    Congrats! Now if only 73,881,754 more people watch your video on YouTube, you’ll catch up to this clip of a baby sitting in a high chair and laughing:

  8. mike


    Grand Rapids has a bus station? Is that the porch with the wavy roof? If so, no, this was somewhere in the warehouse district.

  9. Mike,

    Very nicely done video. Clear, articulate, helpful. We are so prone to pendulum swings, aren’t we? At the rish of a terribly cliche’ish phrase…”We need balance” and I thank God that you are helping the church to keep that balance (Creation/Fall)… God bless you and may he continue to use you to bless his church!

    Together for His glory,


  10. Yes, the porch with the wavy roof. I was there again today for a photo shoot, and one of the photographers said that a company that works for Zondervan does quite a bit of their work there. It’s on Ellsworth, off Market. And where exactly is the warehouse district?

  11. mikewittmer

    I have no idea where the warehouse district is, or even if there is one, but doesn’t it sound cool to say? Front Street rings a bell.

    The defining moments video session in question was with the seminary, not Zondervan.

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