what’s wrong with this picture?

My five year old daughter loves taking pictures, so this Christmas we bought her a Playskool child’s camera so she could take as many pictures as she wants.  When we downloaded her pictures on to my computer, I noticed that many of them were shots of noses, chins, and sides of faces.

I was about to instruct her on the proper way to take pictures, but then I remembered the slanted, postmodern headshots in a brochure which I received in the mail and I realized that I was sitting on a gold mine.

So if any of you are interested in a publicity photo, I invite you to give my little girl a try.  She will undercut anyone else’s prices (she may even work for an American Girl doll), and most important, you won’t notice any difference in quality.

She is willing to waive the sitting fee for her first five customers, and her kiddie ticket can even save money on travel if she has to come to where you are.  Just contact “Alayna’s Playskool Studio,” which for IRS purposes will henceforth be known as “Layni’s Lil’ Hobby.”






2 responses to “what’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. [Tongue in Cheek] If my youngest daughter ever gets married we’ll give your daughter a call… [/Tongue in Cheek]

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