a series of most unfortunate presidents II

My thanks to Brian McLaughlin, who sent me this comparison of presidential approval ratings.  It more or less supports my previous post that most recent presidencies ended with the president less popular than when he began. 

The similarity between the George Bushes is especially striking.  Both enjoyed “war-time” popularity over 80%, only to see their esteem fall off a cliff.  I was also surprised to see that Clinton ended his second term more popular than when he began his first term, Monica notwithstanding.

Here’s hoping that our current president leaves office as popular as he is now, for I don’t want to consider the alternative.  May he find a cabinet worthy person who has paid his taxes, and may he begin his bail out with me (I’m not in any kind of trouble, but as long as our great grandchildren are spending 1 trillion dollars….)






One response to “a series of most unfortunate presidents II”

  1. Yooper

    Is it popularity that should be the standard, or integrity and doing what is right?

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