special lecture on Christians and the economy

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and are free this Saturday night, February 21, from 7:00-8:30, come to the chapel at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary for a free interactive lecture on Christians and the economy.  Our special guest is Udo Middelmann, the son-in-law of the late Francis Schaeffer, and he is well equipped to help us think through the implications of our present situation from a Christian perspective. 

It might have a bit less bling than the Dave Ramsey event on Thursday night, but it’s at least $40 less, will be a tad more theological, and comes with free punch and cookies.


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  1. Completely unrelated to your post, but I just noticed this afternoon that you and your friend Brauns both share a peculiar penchant for making 80’s song title references. Are you stuck in a moment you can’t get out of?

  2. Chris is stealing my schtick? Time to go to my ace in the hole, my old Barry Manilow records from Junior High.

  3. Will this lecture be posted on a website somewhere for those of us outside the area to listent to?

    In the last few weeks I discovered your blog and read your new book. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Thanks. I found a couple chapters of Middelmann’s, “The Market Driven Church” available online. I should be able to make it. DV

  5. Barry Manilow?!
    Well… at least you’d have no competition for those titles.

  6. Steve:

    I’m not sure yet. Of course, if I was, I wouldn’t say so, so as not to discourage folks from coming. So let’s just say I’m looking into it, and will let you know next week if we were able to pull it off.

  7. Is this lecture still on for tonight?

  8. Yes, it’s still on! Harness the reindeer and come on out.

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