the Reformed illuminati

My friend and former student Zach Bartels has put his cigars down long enough to start a new website in honor of the 500th birthday of you-know-who.  Click here (www.calvinati.comto see if you are one of the lucky few who were elected to join this auspicious group.  If you choose not to click, or if you fail to persevere all the way by posting this site on your blog roll, then you may reasonably assume that this post was of the general, non-efficacious sort.

If you are an Arminian, forget all that and just click here:






3 responses to “the Reformed illuminati”

  1. Wow, this Zach guy sounds irresistibly gracious and totally depraved!


  2. For the truly serious Calvin student, check out the schedule for the upcoming Calvin Studies Society seminar at Calvin College:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing Muller, Mouw, and Laura Smit discuss predestination. Good times.

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