our daily journey

A couple of times I ran devotionals by you all on this site for Radio Bible Class’s “Our Daily Journey,” which is a longer version of “Our Daily Bread” for 30 somethings.  The website just went live today, with an interactive blog.  Check it out at http://www.ourdailyjourney.org/

Instead of my whole face their icon of me captured my left eye.  Does this mean they think that is my best feature?  Or is it just being postmodern?  I look like I was photographed by a kid with a Playskul camera, but it also feels strangely cool.


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  1. I’ve always thought that your LEFT eye was your best feature.

    Or your mind.


  2. At least it’s your eye. Some of the bloggers had just their mouth. That’s goofy!

  3. If you put your photo with Tom Felten’s and Sheridan Voysey’s, it looks like a criminal composite photo.

  4. Can we call you “Left-eye Wittmer” from now on?

  5. Annuit Coeptis 🙂

  6. Brian McLaughlin March 6, 2009 — 2:51 pm

    Your interview on Koinonia would have been a lot more artsy if it were just your eye with your voice in the background. I’m not sure the jacket worked for me.

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