tullian and coral ridge

Tullian Tchividian is asking folks to pray this weekend for the near merger of his young church, New City, with the venerable Coral Ridge community once pastored by D. James Kennedy.  On the face of it, this seems like a difficult merger to pull off, but Tullian reports that the leaders of both churches are united in believing that God is bringing them together.

I like Tullian a lot.  I spent some quality time with him when I spoke on Christian worldview at his church’s men’s retreat last September, and I’m hoping to do so again next month when I do the same material for his church’s women’s retreat. 

You can follow the lastest on Tullian’s blog (located on my blogroll), but the only thing left is for Tullian to preach at Coral Ridge this Sunday and then wait for their vote.  I told him that if he puts any stock in fleeces, then he should pull out one of his worst sermons and see what happens.  

This is a significant development for South Florida and for evangelicalism as a whole.  Tullian is one of the joyful “new calvinists” and is poised to make important contributions to the church of Jesus Christ.  So please pray for him and both churches this weekend and that he doesn’t take my advice.


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  1. What do you mean by “putting any stock in fleeces” and preaching one of his worse sermons?

    That God’s will, will be done regardless?

  2. Even if he preaches a lemon, they all know he’s a great communicator. Everyone does.

    I’d be afraid to do the merger if I were him. Why would anyone want to follow in Kennedy’s wake in any sense? Compared to the one and only D. James Kennedy, we all preach horrible sermons every week.

    Whatever the case, they better keep broadcasting the best of DJK on Sunday mornings…

  3. Kathy:

    I meant that one way to “test” God’s will would be to preach badly and see if the people at Coral Ridge would still vote for him. I don’t recommend this, and meant it as a spoof on the whole idea of putting out fleeces (a la Gideon).

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