drops like stars

No, this isn’t about Rob Bell’s new tour, but something much more important:  Lebron James and Cleveland sports.  I just finished reading how Lebron accepted his MVP trophy at his high school in Akron, Ohio, about a half hour from my hometown.  It’s the feel good story of the week–way better than the frumpy lady on Britain’s version of American Idol–and she was 100 million youtube hits great. 

Which worries me.  I don’t know how God is going to do it, but I’m quite sure that he is setting Cleveland sports fans up for another heartbreak, and this one will be even worse than before because the tragic character will be one of our own.  Will LeBron pull, tweak, or break something?  Will Anderson Varejao decide once again to put the team on his shoulders and take the last, out of control shot?  Will Danny Ferry remember that he’s Danny Ferry?  Will God allow the Cavs to win the championship, but in arenas emptied by the swine flu?  

If Lebron is able to overcome God’s wrath on Cleveland sports and bring this one home, then I’m making him my number one pick to be the antichrist.  Right now I’m thinking it’s Tiger Woods, which still makes more sense than Henry Kissinger, the smart money of the 1970’s. 

It starts tonight, when Lebron takes on the Atlanta Hawks and the invisible hand of the Sixth Man.  That Hand has guided the Shot, the Drive, the Fumble, and probably sometime in the next month, the ACL.






7 responses to “drops like stars”

  1. I don’t know…maybe God will wait until James is about to make the incredible Championship winning shot against the Lakers in game 7 and then…the “Rapture”!

    So if he IS the antichrist, you’d never know! 🙂


  2. Spoken like a true Cleveland fan.

    Why did you have to remind me?

  3. I’m not even getting my hopes up. I know how this thing ends…

  4. They’ll make it to the finals, lose in 5 games, and then Lebron will head to New York or LA as an unrestricted Free Agent… meaning your Cleveland Championship hopes will be riding on Brady Quinn taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.

    Not likely.

  5. As good as Lebron is (which is hard for me to admit, I rather dislike his attitude and the media hype, but yes he is very talented) I don’t think this is Cleveland’s year.

    If they don’t lose to Boston in the Eastern Championship they will fall to the teamwork and hustle of this year’s dark horse in the West, the Denver Nuggets and my man Billups.

  6. mikewittmer


    How can someone with such theological understanding have so little knowledge about sports? You are a double-minded man.

    I haven’t noticed anything off-putting about LeBron’s personality, but I was puzzled by his comment on Monday that he “just wants to be the best father he can be to his two children.” Really? Then start by marrying their mother.

  7. I think I have the Cleveland sports situation figured out – it is a zero-sum economy. The Cavs can continue to excel in the postseason, but it comes at the expense of another Cleveland team. So as long as the Indians continue to give up 12 run innings, Lebron and the boys can continue to steamroll the competition.

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