the tour that doesn’t really take you anywhere

I try to avoid overtly promoting my books on this blog (he wrote beneath the banner of “Don’t Stop Believing”)–at least in my posts, but some of you may want to join a blog tour on next Tuesday, May 12.  All you need is a blog and a willingness to say something that day about “Don’t Stop Believing.”  You don’t even have to agree with the book, though I do ask that any counter-arguments make use of Scripture, logic, and Spellcheck (or at least 2 out of 3). 

 If you are interested, go to and sign up.  You can also see a list of bloggers who have already committed, in case you are bored next Tuesday and want to follow the threads of what others are saying.






8 responses to “the tour that doesn’t really take you anywhere”

  1. let the games begin 🙂

  2. Brian McLaughlin

    We’ll be there. Do we get something special if we post 3 reviews?

  3. Rock! I started my caricature schtick after my last post about you, so this is a perfect opportunity to bang one out.

  4. jlemke

    Ahem… Brian… Excuse me… I don’t actually have the book… (don’t tell on me)

  5. John,

    If you learned anything in seminary, you should have learned that you don’t actually need to have read the book in order to critique it. Personally, I find it much easier to critique things from a position of entrenched ignorance.

    But, then again, you did get a lot of A’s in your courses, so maybe there is something to be said for cracking a book every now and again. Maybe.

  6. Let me rephrase: “I’ll be there. Do I get something if I do three posts?”

  7. mikewittmer


    Is this blackmail?!


    Don’t feel bad. You aren’t in my target demographic anyway. By the way, how did you like The Shack?

  8. jlemke

    Jonathan – I like your approach. Entrenched ignorance. Has a nice ring to it.

    Mike – Haven’t read The Shack yet. Still working on Purpose Driven Life and Your Best Life Now. Maybe I’ll get to it next week…

    See you all on Tuesday!!

    P.S. Brian, I need to borrow your copy of the book Sunday. Turns out I burned through my expense account buying Joel Osteen’s books.

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