ma, throw on some clothes, there’s gonna be a tour!

Thanks to Zach for reminding me to remind you about the DSB blog tour going on today.  So forget about our half naked Christian celebrity (evangelical Esther) and read what others are saying about my favorite book of the year.  I’ve had fun visiting the sites (for a complete list see 

Zach has a terrific sketch of me on his blog, which is exactly what I would look like if I was biracial (I’m not even sure which two races it would be, but maybe that’s a topic for another time).  Did you draw that Zach, and how can I get a copy?






10 responses to “ma, throw on some clothes, there’s gonna be a tour!”

  1. Perhaps that’s the Chinese culture that was soaked into your very person… My first sketch of Ted Kluck also wound up looking a little more Asian than he isl (especially since he’s straight-up Grand Ledge White)… Luckily, I nailed Ted the second time

    So I guess the next time I do a piece on Dr. Wittmer, he’ll look the hopelssly Euro West-Michigan-meets-Cedarville guy that he truly is. 🙂

  2. BTW, in the spirit of the blog tour, I’ve decided to launch a new rumor into the blogosphere that your s next book will be called, “Walk Like An Egyptian: the Emergent Church’s Compromise With Pagan Culture.”

    Everybody tell your friends!

  3. Hey Michael,

    I’ve started a book review series where I will be looking at each chapter in your book. I think it’s that important. Somehow they skipped over me when they said who was on the blog tour. I signed up on April 15th in the comments section but didn’t get included :(. Oh well, I hope you get a chance to check out my first post reviewing your book.

    Oh, and I’m giving one away for free if you want to tell people where to get one.

    Thanks for writing this book. I kept saying, “that’s what I’ve been trying to say!” through the whole thing.

  4. gherkiin


    I think the blog tour is a great idea!!

    It is the first one that I have been involved in (tbh I have only been bloggin for a few months) – and as far as I am concerned, whoever came up with the idea needs a good pat on the back.

    I have been around a number of the blogs and read the reviews on offer and have been very impressed by the range in literary styles and view points on the book.

    However, the overall feeling I get is that everyone agrees that you have written an excellent and useful book – with some real insight that has blessed us all.

    So for that, and I hope on behalf of all the blog hosts, can I take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with such a great book to review and enjoy 🙂


    (from the freethemonkey blog)

  5. mikewittmer

    Thanks so much, monkey man! This has been a lot of fun, but more important, I pray that the book can help those who are looking for an alternative–okay, a “third way”–between the extremes on both ends of the continuum. Emergent may not have much energy left, but the questions they have raised are going to be with us for a very long time.

  6. I agree with gherkiin that this was a great idea. I was extremely blessed by your book and as I read others commenting on the book. I’ve now discovered other blogs that I’m sure will be a source of great encouragement and insight.

    Thanks Mike,

    Jason (GGM)

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I read through many of the other blog posts on the tour. They were all very thoughtful.

  8. Emergent Village & Co. have plenty of energy. When we have put our very lives on the line because we believe discipleship is not optional, we’ll run out of energy when our lives end. I’m not sure how Peter or Paul would have ‘run out of energy’ either.

    This is not to suggest anyone here is Peter or Paul; it’s to let readers know people involved with emergent village are committed to the things of God even when ‘good works’ are out of fashion.

  9. Just a note to everyone who “hosted” DSB on the blog tour:

    As a way of saying “thank you” you can receive a free copy of a new book, “Busted: Exposing Popoular Myths about Christianity” by Fred von Kamecke if you email your name and address to church”at”zondervan”dot”com

    See my comment in on for more info about “Busted” (or look it up on Amazon!)

    Thanks agian to eveyone who posted something about DSB!

  10. Randy,
    I don’t think anyone said good works will go out of style (and, sadly, works salvation will never go out of style either). However, the emergent “movement” is already jumping the shark. Angst is dissipating. People are already coming back to confessional, orthodox, historical Christianity.

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