My neighbor put on a fireworks display last night in downtown Grand Rapids–not for the public (he’ll do that on July 4), but for the 1,000 executives who are in town for the 50th anniversary of his business and watch party for the Cavs-Magic series.  He was interviewed in the paper this week, and he declared that he wanted his legacy to be that he “enriched people’s lives.”  If he was serious about that he could start by benching Dwight Howard or taking away Stan Van Gundy’s valium. 

Here is what no one in Northeast Ohio can accept.  In the 90s we had a terrific team full of Christians (Mark Price) and sharp shooters (Price again).  Our only downfall was that we ran into Michael Jordan.  Everyone said that that team would have won a couple of championships if they hadn’t had to play against the biggest superstar ever to play the game.  Well, now we have Michael Jordan, and he might be taken down by a team of shooters?  You understand why we justifiably believe that God is at work here.  There is always a reason why it never works out for us, and sometimes it’s the opposite reason.






4 responses to “scream”

  1. This is why true Ohians only concern themselves with one thing: THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Problem solved.

  2. Oh, man, those fireworks were *loud* last night. We heard them all the way over in Eastown.

  3. Brian has a man crush on Jim Tressel….it would be a bromance, but JT has a restraining order against him.

  4. I told you before not to get your hopes up. As a Cleveland fan, you should know this by now. It is NEVER our year. We have to be content with runner-up. That is our ultimate goal.

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