talking about the Christian worldview

Yesterday I was interviewed by the InternetMonk about the tension between loving God and the things of this world.  Stop by and leave a comment there or here and I’ll do my best to respond.  This is the second week of an intense summer school schedule so I will appreciate your patience.






9 responses to “talking about the Christian worldview”

  1. Did you cross-examine and ask him why he ditched Calvinism in favor of pietism and mysticism?

  2. Jonathan Shelley


    If you’re looking for an 80’s song to serve as the title of a book on Barth, do you remember the song “Rock me Amadeus” by Falco?

  3. mikewittmer


    Great title, terrible song. I would need people to want to buy this book!

  4. My other thought was “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” by Ray Stevens, but that’s such an obscure take on natural theology I doubt most people would get it. It’s a shame really – there are so many “great” songs about love, but none about loving in freedom. Beth suggested the song “Our House” as a tribute to Karl and Charlotte’s unique relationship, but I don’t think that’s the image you want for an evangelical take on Barth.

  5. Chris

    Yesterday I read a post on Chris Brauns’s blog about your book. It seemed to address a lot of questions I’ve had lately so I decided to give it a try. I have a library card for Cornerstone and was excited (and a little surprised) to see they had several copies. Then I read the “about the author” and discovered the connection.

    I’m just getting started but I am fully expecting you to change my mind on several long held beliefs. No pressure… just trying to be teachable.

  6. Jonathan Shelley

    Not to keep harping on something that may or may not happen, but Beth came up with the perfect title for your proposed book on Barth: Tainted Love: An Evangelical Assessment of Karl Barth.

  7. Tyler Robinson

    80’s Songs to become future Wittmer Books:

    -Talk Dirty to Me: An Introduction to Biblical Greek
    -Like A Virgin: Staying Pure in an Age of Impurity
    -Livin’ On a Prayer: Leaning on God in Unsure Times
    -Straight Outta Compton: Incarnational Ministry for Beginners

  8. Chris

    Walking on Sonshine- A daily devotional

    The Final Countdown- What will really happen when Jesus Returns?

    You Give Love a Bad Name- How Christian Hipocracy is Ruining the Church’s Impact

    I Want to Break Free- Battling addictive behavior

  9. Robert

    How ’bout “Black or White (reflections on apostlic priorities and what they mean today, not a tribute to MJ)”?

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