nice party, where is everybody?

Thank you for correcting me on the date of Calvin’s birthday.  I apparently misread some correspondence with Zondervan, and thinking that Calvin’s birthday was June 10 rather than July 10, worked feverishly over the weekend to compose a Koinonia blogpost for this Wednesday.  Then I quickly posted some Calvin trivia without confirming his birthday on wikipedia (I hope I never type a sentence that ends that way again).

At any rate, my being-ahead-of-the-curve means three things:

1. I probably don’t know Calvin as well as I’m letting on.

2. I’ve got an extra month to polish that Koinonia post.

3. I’ve got the entire Calvin field to myself this week.  So here is today’s trivia question:

In 1536 Calvin avoided the war between the King of France and the Holy Roman Emperor by taking a detour through Geneva.  When John Farel heard that Calvin was in town, he visited Calvin and implored him to stay and aid the reform in that city.  The hotel where Calvin was staying was either (pick two):

a) The Crescent

b) The Green Dog

c) Lil’ Swiss Miss

d) Holiday Inn Express






3 responses to “nice party, where is everybody?”

  1. mikewittmer

    Answer: (a) and (b)

  2. Are you planning on running more trivia on Calvin in July? Because I’m going to need to use a lifeline if these questions get any more difficult!

  3. I only remember it’s July 10 because it’s my son’s birthday.

    I’m thinking of baking him a cake that looks like the Institutes.

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