sign of the times

The Reformed Church of America is meeting this week, and an item in yesterday’s GR Press from their report on Synod caught my attention.  Does anyone else find this interesting?  “Also on tap today:  An official declaration of racism as a sin, a report on a three-year homosexuality dialogue and a reconsideration of Friday’s decision to cancel the 2010 General Synod.”

Kevin DeYoung, a member of the RCA, provides insightful backstory here:







One response to “sign of the times”

  1. Jonathan Shelley

    I more than a little sad to see that the RCA has added the Belhar Confession as a fourth form of unity, and it looks like the CRC is going to follow. There is a lot of good stuff in the Belhar – condemning bigotry and promoting social justice, but (much like Karl Barth’s writing) it just pushing into places I cannot follow, emphasizing political correctness over biblical integrity and doctrinal precision. Sad, but not unexpected.

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