who did Calvin marry?

A long-time bachelor with disastrous dating habits (think about it, would you want to have dinner and a movie with this man?), Calvin finally married who?  The answer is in the comment section.

a) a wealthy German whose large dowry supported his life as a scholar.

b) a French Protestant cougar, recommended by John Farel, who was 15 years older than Calvin.

c) a highly recommended French-speaking suitor who agreed to come to Strasbourg for a marriage interview.

d) a former Anabaptist whose husband died from the plague.






6 responses to “who did Calvin marry?”

  1. mikewittmer

    Answer: (d). The others were possibilities, though Calvin thought that (a)’s wealth would embarrass his humble station as a minister; (b) was too old, enough said; and (c)’s interview went so badly that an embarrassed Calvin gave up looking for a wife, until Idelette (d) fell into his lap after her husband Jean passed away.

  2. I didn’t know that, thanks!

  3. Justin

    I am proud to say that I still remember her name from Historical Theology 3, Summer 2005! If I remember right, it was a bonus question on the final exam.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. From one Jean to another!

  5. I thought Michael Haykin’s comment on Calvin’s list of attributes for a wife was humorous. She doesn’t have to be pretty…just “chaste, sober-minded, prudent, patient, and able ‘to take care of my health.’” That sounds like most guys today…right?

  6. Zach named one of our Calvin’s toys (an octopus) Idelette because he was so attached to her for awhile.

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