good times

I’m being presumptuous here, but some of you may have noticed that I didn’t blog last week.  I spent the week enjoying Myrtle Beach, S.C., with my parents and three brothers and their families.  I would have told you that we were gone, but I just bought a Wii and I didn’t want anyone to think they had a green light to break into my house and steal it.

Random vacation thoughts:

1. I just called my mechanic about my Oldsmobile van.  He’s going to find the cause of the green oily liquid that is leaking from beneath the back shock absorber (probably coolant for the rear air conditioning), fix my rear wiper, and discern why my “service engine soon” light came on.  I’ve decided to live with its broken fuel gauge and heated seats that don’t.  I guess this is about what I should expect from a discontinued line from a bankrupt company.

2. The key to winning at miniature golf is to avoid unforced errors.  Many holes come down to dumb luck:  roll the ball down the hill and see where it ends up after bouncing off a couple of walls—this was confirmed by my two year old nephew, who scored two holes-in-one by doing this.  But while it’s hard to predict which balls will make it in the hole on the first try, the key to a low score is to avoid blowing makeable putts.  Here I’m thinking of my nephew’s father, an occasional visitor to this site who three putted from three feet.  You can’t win the game on any one hole, but you can certainly lose it there.

3. Who brings their own putter to a miniature golf course?  I saw a father in a Ping T-shirt and Titleist cap who brought his and a miniature version for his kindergarten son.  He reminded me of the “Real Man of Genius” ads:  “Here’s to you, the Tiger Woods of miniature golf.  You make your son hit first so you can read the slope of the fairway, you pump your fist when his ball goes into the drink, you refuse to share your night vision goggles for the obligatory hole played inside a fiberglass cave, and nothing makes you happier than to win a free game by acing the mystery hole.”

4. Who drives through a tunnel with their left blinker on?  Where do they think they are going?  This being South Carolina, I thought that once I was being followed by NASCAR fans.  I eluded them by turning right.

5. Funniest moment:  upon being told that he tends to boast, my nephew said, “Yeah, but I win a lot too.”  Point made.

6. I did manage to read N. T. Wright’s Justification by the pool, and I plan on organizing my thoughts together and blogging about this important book later this week.  For now I’ll say that I thought Wright was thrilling when he spoke on the topic of Christian worldview (God’s plan through Israel to save the entire world), but he disappointed with his statement that our final justification is by works.  I was hoping that he would spend more time clarifying and defending this view—which I think is the most controversial part of the book—but apparently he didn’t think it merited such close attention.






8 responses to “good times”

  1. Just Some Guy

    I don’t know if you’re right about the skill required to get a hole in one, but I do know that your opinion on the subject was formed on the 12th hole at Treasure Island Golf, in the 20 seconds that elapsed between your hole in one and your 2 year-old nephew’s.

    I may need to make a commemorative T-shirt.

  2. mikewittmer

    He only tied me on that hole. And since he doesn’t yet know the difference between hitting the ball in the hole on the first try or slapping the ball around before finally throwing the ball into the hole, I don’t think that a commemorative anything is appropriate.

  3. J Lemke

    Wondered where you’ve been!

    Looking forward to your thoughts on #5. And#3 hit a little close to home.

  4. Really look forward to your thoughts on Wright’s Justification. Whether or not one agrees, it’s a most important read.

  5. A certain un-named someone in my house was wondering when her Sunday school teacher would be back to teaching the class…

  6. I noticed!!

    I was beginning to wonder if you’d soon be renaming the blog “Don’t Stop Posting.”

  7. Jonathan Shelley

    You have a Wii?

  8. #5: He must really look up to Uncle Mike. (I’m laughing here.) Hope you and Julie are doing well. We miss you!

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