I Q Test

This 4 minute video was forwarded to me by Jim Grier, which means that if you find it funny then you’re probably pretty smart.  If you don’t get all of the humor–and there are approximately 37 distinct funny items (can you list them?)–then you may yet need a liberal arts education.






3 responses to “I Q Test”

  1. Jonathan Shelley

    Thank you for this. I almost hurt myself laughing so hard. Favorite line: “Aristotle, very much the man in form.”

  2. Hilarious — even if I only understood about 14 of the 37 items!! (I’m sure I’ll laugh even harder once I get my son to explain the other 23…)

    The best part is that Jim Grier forwarded it to you! What a treasure that man is.

  3. Ray

    Some might be surprised. Those who know Jim are not. Thanks!

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