Calvin at Baker

In celebration of Calvin’s birthday week, Baker Book House on East Paris is hosting an important panel tomorrow night (Tuesday) from 7:00-8:30.  The lineup is Karin Maag, director of the Meeter Center at Calvin College, who will “dispel the myths” around Calvin, including his part in the death of Servetus; Richard Muller, a world class scholar who knows more about Calvin than anyone you will ever meet, who will answer the question “Was Calvin a Calvinist?” (his answer is probably yes and no); and then myself, who has been given the topic, “The Emergent Church in the Hands of John Calvin (one of these topics—and presenters—is not like the others).

If you’ve never heard Muller, it’s worth coming just for him.  You will never meet a finer scholar, and it’s free!







7 responses to “Calvin at Baker”

  1. Please, please can this be video/audio recorded and available on YouTube (or something like it)?

    I have put in a request to Louis McBride, but would be nice if anyone has an HD video cam and can upload.

  2. Louis


    Thank you for the kind words regarding our forum and especially in praise of Dr. Muller. I regret to inform you and your readers that Dr. Muller had to cancel due to a family emergency. Dr. Muller notified me today that his mother is gravely ill and he is traveling to be with her. I expressed our sympathy and ensured him we would keep her in our prayers.

    For Paul,

    We do plan on having an audio recording of the event. I believe it will still be worth attending even though Dr. Muller’s presence will be sorely missed. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Thanks Louis. Appreciate the follow up.
    Sincerely sorry to hear of Dr. Muller’s mother but will certainly be praying.

    Will attend via the audio recording.


  4. mikewittmer

    Thanks for this information, Louis. I will be praying for him.

  5. Jonathan Shelley

    Any word on whether they’re bringing someone in to replace Dr. Muller (insofar as anyone could replace him)? I can’t imagine how you could fill such big shoes on such short notice, though.

  6. Jonathan Shelley

    Even without Muller, this was an informative and interesting evening. Baker always does a good job with these, and I’m looking forward to the next one, whenever it might be.

  7. Louis


    I’m glad you enjoyed the event. We have enjoyed putting them together. I’m thinking through topics for next year. If you have some suggestions email me or stop and see me next time you’re in the store. I’m generally there M-F 10-6.

    I want to publicly thank Dr. Wittmer for his participation. He has particpated in more Baker Book House in-store events than any other speaker we have had.

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