wright at the helm

Here is a link to the first of four posts by Paul Helm on Wright’s Justification. Helm does a good job of explaining that, for all its good points, Wright’s book isn’t as clear on key points as it should have been.






3 responses to “wright at the helm”

  1. Justin

    I just love the name of his blog. After reading “Providence of God” by Helm a few years ago, I find it a fitting pun.

  2. Jonathan Shelley

    I love this quote from Helm’s post:

    “If a person is participating in a discussion and separating his own view from others’ views then two things are needed: he needs to convey a clear sense of what his own view implies and does not imply, and he needs to show that he understands the view or views from which he dissents, representing them with the greatest sympathy and clarity that he can muster.”

    If I may be sycophantic for a moment: Mike, thanks for being the kind of author who puts in the effort to truly understand and accurately represent the views of those with whom you disagree. I know it is more work and it isn’t always easy, but it is the loving, honest, and ethical thing to do. And you do it well. Now if only more people would do the same.

  3. “if only more people would do the same”
    Amen, Jonathan Shelley, amen!
    The blogosphere, in some cases, has become the trash heap of harsh, incinerate speech (in the name of Christ, no less!).

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