christian cliches

My good buddy Zach Bartels has written a provocative post on Christian buzzwords.  My own pet peeve, which may not bother most of you, is how Christians ask God to bless or help or do something for “those we come into contact with,” which is just a spiritual way to say “meet.”  Normally we meet people, but when we’re on a spiritual mission we “come into contact with them.”  That strikes me as a lot of extra words for a simple concept.  Not a big deal, but it drives me crazy every time I hear it.  I also can’t stand the phrase “in terms of” (sounds lazy) or the term “buttons” (I don’t know why).  Check out Zach’s site for his own quirks.






One response to “christian cliches”

  1. eph5v2

    Thanks for helping me come in contact with Zach’s post. Some of his buzzwords really pushed my buttons in terms of laughing really hard….


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