global warming, please!

Unless the new GM sells a lot more SUV’s in West Michigan this week, we will set the record for the coldest July ever (or at least since 1870, when we started keeping track of such things).   I’m not sure what this means, but I do know three things: 

1. I haven’t been to the beautiful West Michigan beaches yet this summer (this weekend the water temperature was in the 60’s, same as the air).

2. It’s difficult to convince the average person on the street around here that global warming is an impending threat.  Good thing the problem has been renamed “climate change,” because then we’ve got a problem whichever direction the temperature goes.

3. If the polar bears need somewhere to live, I may have just the place.






10 responses to “global warming, please!”

  1. Pete Scribner

    Indeed, Mike. I moved to Michigan three years ago from St. Louis. While some folks no doubt pray about global warming, I have spent the last three winters praying FOR (that is to say, in favor of) global warming…or at least warming in the Michigan part of the globe!

  2. Obviously, you are a Bilderbergian supporter of the Tri-Lateral commission in the pocket of Big Pharmacy spinning the narrative to meet the agenda of the Bohemians in order to appease your Freemason oaths and Big Oil ties.

  3. Jack H


    You forgot to mention that Mike sounds like a mind-numbed dittohead robot. That would make the picture complete. I do not think Rush could have said it any better. Way to go! I think I can hear an environmental update in the background, complete with Rush’s version of Born Free.

  4. mikewittmer


    You have crossed waaaay over many important lines here. All I said is that I want to go to the beach sometime this summer. I’m sure that I’d agree with Rush on some things, though I don’t have the stomach to listen to him to find out, because I’m exceedingly turned off by his style. I’d much rather watch Stephen Colbert.

  5. mikewittmer


    Did you forget to put brackets around your comment? 🙂

  6. mikewittmer

    I’m not sure what to make of this, but here is a provocative and typically witty post by Doug Wilson on Christians and the Green movement:

  7. Yeah, I should have included [{(Just kidding)}] at the end of that statement.

    Global warming is certainly not an absolute term – it was ten degrees hotter through the summer of 98 than it is now where I live – I remember because I was in marching band and 113 degree days were common. The climate situation is obviously more complex than simple warming of the globe. But since it is called “global warming” it seems ironic when we have cooler days.

    Tell the Black Pope I said “hello” at the next meeting of the Illuminati.

  8. mikewittmer

    The Pope said hello back and look out for the sparrow carrying the wine cooler at 16 degrees. The pompous will be under the Galarraga.

  9. Jack H


    I was simply taking advantage of your dislike of Rush and the similar notes you were making. My daughter is at the beach today. I must admit, I am enjoying every cool day we receive. Once we arrive in Nairobi I will look longing back to these cool summer days.

  10. mikewittmer


    I notice that you said your daughter is at the beach, but did not say whether she actually went in the water. Please invite me to Nairobi in January!

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