don’t stop loving the church

My church, West Cannon Baptist, is hosting Kevin DeYoung, Ted Kluck and myself for an all-day seminar on Tuesday, September 22.  It promises to be a provocative day of (mostly) sound theology that will encourage us to love and serve Christ’s church.  Registration ends one week from today, so if you’re in the Grand Rapids area and want a value priced ($35, lunch included) day of theological stimulation, come join us here.






10 responses to “don’t stop loving the church”

  1. Pete Scribner

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Jonathan Shelley

    Too bad I have this pesky little thing called “work” that day. I could use some sound theology this semester. [What possible theological benefit is there in exegetical studies of Romans and Psalms?]

  3. Jack H


    If I am able to fit the seminar into my schedule, maybe I should ask a question of both you and Kevin regarding his blog posts from August 14 and 20 regarding two kingdom theology versus neo-kuyperian. At least now I have given you a heads-up.

  4. How come no one discusses sound theology in the evening? Is everyone at Russ’?

  5. Brian McLaughlin

    Thanks for the heads-up Mike. I will see if it fits on my calendar. Of course, I have a potential concern with the title of some of the sessions. Often when people speak of “chucking’ the church, they are not speaking of giving up on God’s people or even the gathering of God’s people (a few radical emergents, I admit, but not many). Rather, they are speaking of chucking the American institution that we call “church” in favor of different forms of communities (house churches and refocusing from a predominant self-interest). Is this a theological discussion on church (God’s people) or the institution?

  6. mike

    Good question, Brian. I used the term “chuck” to parody Kevin’s title (it’s easier than creatively coming up with my own), and I mean it to refer primarily to God’s people.

  7. mike


    I may yet blog on that–remember I wrote my dissertation on Niebuhr–so I’m ready for you (but thanks for the heads-up)

  8. eph5v2

    Thanks for mentioning these types of event. Hopefully I can make it!

  9. Jack H

    If you get a chance to respond to Kevin’s blogs, please include a response to Stellman and Hart when they interacted with him. They take greater issue with Kuyper that Kevin does.

  10. Yooper

    An inspiring, encouraging and easy read. I’m charged. I hadn’t visited your blog in a while, but found out about this seminar from my Church and plan to attend – look out. 🙂

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