drunken bluegrass (but I repeat myself)

drunken blue grass (but I repeat myself)

Here is irrefutable, un-photo shopped proof that Gary Meadors (far right) has slipped back to step 8 on his long journey toward wellness.  If you aren’t familiar with AA, that is the step where Gary tries to make amends.  So if you have ever taken Greek from him, you may want to screen your calls (photo courtesy of Chris Brewer, a Greek student who just played his last card.  It’s your move now, Gary!).






11 responses to “drunken bluegrass (but I repeat myself)”

  1. Gary T. Meadors

    “un-photo shopped” … I was a fundamentalist in my first life, I know guilt when I hear it 😉

    Trivia … who wrote: “I saw the light”

  2. Kelly Ram

    isn’t there some GRTS clause about alcohol? I believe there is one for students…….. just makes you think.

  3. My question is…Why does it look like the people are walking away? (all two of them) 🙂

    Oh wait, I’m still in N.T. I…

  4. Tyler Robinson


    Oh, Gary certainly was making amends. He was publicly apologizing to the Busch family for leaving them when he tried to go sober.

  5. Adam F.

    I think I know the answer to Dr. Meadors’ question about “I Saw the Light”…

    The author would have to be… the late, alcoholic Hank Williams?

  6. mikewittmer


    Is it the guy who wrote “90 Minutes in Heaven”?


    I just can’t stop plugging Baker’s books! You do acknowledge that one, don’t you?

  7. Gary T. Meadors

    If I could just get this kind of attention in class … people “thinking” (which of course is dangerous) … “knowing” trivia about the real deal original Hank Williams who wrote hundreds of songs … it makes me want to live a purpose driven life.

    And he departs, stage right, singing …

    This world is not my home
    I’m just a passin’ through…

  8. Ray

    Gary played Sunday night for Northbridge’s 4 year Birthday Cookout. As cold as it was, I wondered how he kept warm.

    Thanks for celebrating with us!

  9. Adam F.

    What is Dr. Meadors’s band name?

    Is it something like Blue Cap Wanderers? Blue Lake Ramblers? Black Eye Mongers?

  10. Ray


  11. Adam F.

    Ah, thanks Ray!

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