is this funny?

While I was driving into work just now I heard that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Do you know what this means?  After years of getting it wrong, Jack Van Impe is now only a free space away from winning Antichrist Bingo.

I do wonder how you can win the Nobel Peace Prize on the same morning that you are bombing the moon.  But perhaps that is Obama’s secret.  He takes out his aggression on the moon rather than on other countries.  Maybe he was subliminally warning Iran?

Obama’s victory, though a surprise, was not a foregone conclusion.  He barely edged out Madonna, who also has made several comments which generally support world peace.

Perhaps the best perspective comes from Sam in Wichitaw, who responded to the news by saying “I also oppose genocide and want the Israelis and Palestinians to get along.  Award please!”

You’ve been great.  I’ll be here all week.






14 responses to “is this funny?”

  1. Adam F.

    Yes, this is funny.

    Do you think I’d be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize if I patent a new bomb, then use the proceeds to fund a new peace prize? That’d be so darn circular.

  2. mikewittmer


    I think the secret is to come out strongly for world peace and then get yourself elected to something big.

  3. Justin

    I’m a bit confused.

    President Obama is now the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize after less than a year in office largely based on goals and ambition (peace in the middle east and Persian gulf, climate change, nuclear disarmament, and a renewed U.S. partnership with the world according to USA Today…his efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons according to the NY Times).

    Yet after the years President Clinton spent working (however futile this effort was) to bring peace to the middle east, he was never awarded this honor, though Arafat, Peres, and Rabin were honored as early as 1994. (Soon after this, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated if my memory serves me correctly, and I am sure everyone is aware of Arafat’s continued efforts for peace the rest of his life.)

    Reagan was never awarded for his efforts to end the Cold War, though Mikhail Gorbachev was in 1990. Now the bulk of the USSR’s weapons are sold around the world to military coups and organizations, and we are still trying to get rid of the nuclear weapons.

    But didn’t Al Gore receive this a couple years ago for his peaceful ending of global warming?

    TR received his in 1906 for his diplomacy in putting in the Panama Canal, right?

    And President Wilson for his peaceful resolution to World War I?

    I began wondering if this was simply political…turns out, it always was.

  4. Jonathan Shelley

    It would be funny if it weren’t true. When did peace become merely rhetorical? Actually, since the nominations were due less than two weeks after Obama became president, he was awarded this honor based on his campaign promises to engage in empty rhetoric. This really does bring a whole new dimension to his recent label of the “do nothing” president. Does calling for nuclear disarmament and a reduction in carbon emissions, coupled with a promise of diplomacy really make one eligible for a peace prize? If so, virtually every politician I’ve ever heard should win one. Of course, Obama has the added benefit of not being George Bush, but does that really put him in the same category as Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and Desmond Tutu? Even Al Gore had to do something to win the Nobel Prize for best documentary.

    On the plus side, maybe the IOC will reconsider Chicago for the 2016 Olympics now that we know the power of Obama’s speeches.

    And what is the world coming to when Jack Van Impe might actually be right about something? That scares me most of all!

  5. StopThisTrain

    I wonder how Bono feels: he’s been making speeches longer than Obama’s been running for president (someone should tell Obama that he won a few months ago) but he hasn’t gotten his award yet. Is there no justice in the world?

  6. Just Some Guy

    I had an almost identical thought upon hearing the news, Mike: Hal Lindsey’s next book just wrote itself.

  7. It is curious that the Nobel peace price this year is given in celebration of a hope, not a fact; a vision, not an accomplishment; a make-belief rather than an occurrence. But then not that surprising, since for many tall talk and boosterism is prettier than the hard work of daily efforts to be good, to seek justice and to stand in the way of neglect. Ideology, i.e. having a lofty idea about a good world, has become more impressive than actually dealing with reality on the ground.

  8. Craig Hurst

    Obama won the prize the same way he got elected: he talked a lot about what he would do but as many in the news (even the dems and liberal media) have pointed out, he has yet to accomplish anything that justifies winning.

  9. Nate Archer

    Sometimes you have to slap the moon around a bit just so it remembers its place.

  10. Sophie

    For some light on our dear President, just Google “Obama Avoids Bible Verses.” Comments, please. Sophie

  11. Adam F.

    Yikes, Sophie. He is far from the first wealthy president.

    Hey everybody, I don’t recommend googling that phrase. It’s a shortcut to a headache.

  12. Tyler Robinson

    Can anyone here provide a reason why some of the other nominees should have won? Can anyone here name any of the other nominees without having googled them or read about them in an article about Obama winning the prize?

  13. Adam F.

    Ha! Interesting point, Tyler.

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