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Driving at dusk in West Michigan in November is a bit like being dropped into a game of Frogger.  The deer are rutting and running this time of year, and last week a buck sprinted across the road right in front of my little car.  Unless that happens tonight, my 1990 Honda CRX will turn over 200,000 miles on my way home from class (I bought it used in 1993).  I’m not sure how long its body can hold out—the other week I bolted the bumper to the frame to keep it from falling off—but the engine sounds like it will run until Jesus comes.  Which reminds me, will there be Hondas on the new earth?  Is my little car a sign of the kingdom—the “already” to Chrysler’s “not yet” “not ever”?

Some of you may be interested in hearing my interview with Michael Horton on his “White Horse Inn” radio program.  You can hear the podcast here, and while you’re there you should check out his blog and Modern Reformation magazine.  Mike’s organization is one of our leading voices for sane and sound teaching, and if you aren’t already learning from them, you’re missing God’s best for your life.







7 responses to “two items of interest”

  1. eric s

    Nice- my 90 civic rolled over 200000 two weeks ago.

  2. Jonathan Shelley


    If I listen to White House Inn and read Modern Reformation magazine and Mike H.’s blog and books, would I be living my best life now?

  3. Justin

    Enjoyed the interview. Is there a book on the doctrine of original sin in the works sometime in the near future we can look forward to?

  4. mikewittmer


    I’m working on faith right now. Do you think there is a need for something on original sin? What gap would such a book fill?

  5. Justin

    Dr. Wittmer,

    My question comes from your comment about 8 minutes into the interview in which you said, “As I see it, even more and more over the past years, original sin is the fundamental theological issue that is dividing conservatives from the more postmodern liberals today.”

    It does seem to me there is a great need for continued biblical exposition of the doctrine of original sin. I love Dr. Plantinga’s “Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be” (I cannot seem to do italics) as an artfully articulated picture on the nature of sin. I see a need for a book that complements this illuminating the biblical origins of sin, and the theological ramifications of sin, doing so in a way that the average person in church can understand (something you do so very well!). Basically, something that expands chapters 9 and 10 of “Heaven is a Place on Earth” into a full book, and further discusses the dimensions of sin beyond anthropology that are mentioned in these chapters.

    I thought about this some last night, and came up with a couple ideas. Please pardon the less than church friendly jargon:

    Part 1:
    1. Original Sin Defined and Explained
    2. Original Sin as Corruption
    3. Original Sin as Guilt

    Part 2:
    4. The Ontological Effects of Sin
    5. The Epistemological Effects of Sin
    6. The Axiological Effects of Sin

    Part 3:
    7. Do we Sin because we are Sinners, or are we Sinners because we Sin?
    8. Are some sins worse than others?

    Part 4:
    9. Original Sin and the Atonement
    10. Original Sin and Evangelism
    11. Original Sin and the Cultural Mandate

    1. How is Adam’s Sin Imputed to All People (Murray’s “Imputation of Adam’s Sin” condensed and in plain language)
    2. Original Sin and the New Perspectives on Paul

    Alas, this was just a thought that came from listening to the interview Sunday. I am grateful for the two books you have already put out, and I eagerly look forward to your work on faith.


  6. mikewittmer


    I have printed out your outline to consider it. Of course, Jonathan Shelley will probably see it and start his own draft right away. You make a good point, and I already have the title, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Thanks for your diligent work and brain-storming for me!

  7. Jonathan Shelley


    Thanks for the shout out, I think…. Is that a statement on my motivation and writing ability or a subtle hint that I steal ideas? Maybe both? Oh well, I have something to write in my journal tonight either way.

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