half nelson

I originally thought that I liked Ben Nelson and his principled stand against using our taxes to fund abortions.  But now I’m just outraged that his price for signing the health care bill was exempting his state of Nebraska from a large chunk of its cost.  Even worse, his utter lack of shame indicates that this extortion is the way that business is done in Washington.  We just happen to know about it this time.

It seem obvious that our leaders do not care one whit about the young people they are burdening with their piles of debt.  Perhaps we should form a new party that nominates a 32 year old for president–someone who will have just turned 35 by inauguration day–with the sole agenda of forcing the old folks in Washington to pay their way rather than stick us with the bill.

We wouldn’t want to win in 2012–just gather enough votes to scare both parties into taking responsibility for their purchases.  If they don’t take the hint, then we come back in 2016, this time to win.  I know that politics isn’t the answer, but does it always have to be the problem?






4 responses to “half nelson”

  1. Jonathan Shelley

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is incensed over Sen. Nelson’s behavior.

    You know, I’m right in that age range you want for your nominee. If the thought of “President Shelley” doesn’t scare this country straight, nothing will!

  2. Jack H


    I trust you are not counting on votes from the same age group that bought into all that “hope and change”. The last election lends support to those that have suggested that you should not be able to vote until you are at least 35.

    You do raise one interesting concept. Many of us have suggested that someday the generation that tolerated Roe v. Wade after 1973 will eventually run the risk of seeing their Social Security benefits limited by the actions of the generation of those who survived abortion, and are left paying the bill with their own reduced numbers.

    Just a few thoughts from a recovering politican.

  3. Joel

    This post is actually linked to your last one, specifically the last line about pantheism.

    So long as young Americans hold a generally pantheistic view of the world (even if it is not explicitly pantheistic, it’s still this “One-is-all” thinking), the value of ethics and humanity will be nill. For now, it is only the unborn and severely disabled. Soon it will be the new born and somewhat disabled. Then it will be any human in general who would seemingly step in the way of obtaining Utopia.

    Beware those who say they can make things better through naturalistic means, for they only bring tyranny.

  4. Yooper

    Beware of those who write books about the year of living like Jesus when they voted for Obama – to increase media attention/sales.

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