this I believe

I am doing some theological consulting for a church that is revising its doctrinal statement, and I’m collecting samples of solid or strange statements of faith.  If your church’s doctrinal statement makes you cry for either of these reasons, would you mind emailing it or its weblink to me? (

By the way, it is interesting how many churches do not post their doctrinal statement on their website.  I’m not sure why that is, but it’s something I have noticed.






9 responses to “this I believe”

  1. Please, please, please tell me you are planning on posting some of the more bizarre statements!

  2. mikewittmer

    Well that depends, Josh. What have you got? 🙂

  3. Jonathan Shelley


    Didn’t you recently read a paper on living “Jesusly”? I think we need more statements that turn Christ into an adverb. Or a verb. My goal in life is to “Jesusicate” everyday.

  4. mike


    Please be careful not to criticize important people in my life on this site. And when you say “read a paper,” some might think that I actually gave such a paper, which would be incorrect.

    But while we’re on this topic, if love is a verb and God is love, then by the power of the transitive property, God is a verb. I’m sure I can find some website that will say as much.

  5. Make sure they nail down the really important issues, like the identity of the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

    If you let this one slide, the Moses & Elijah people will be fighting with the Enoch & Elijah people all day long.

  6. Tyler, That website you linked to was down right scary!

    Mike, Are you also looking at the historical confessions and creeds? The challange I see is keeping a confession fresh, yet retaining connection with the historic roots of the church universal; maintaining a connection with “tradition” in the best and Biblical sense of the word.


  7. I think the EFCA did a fine job navigating their statement of faith revision in 2008. They follow a C/F/R paradigm that you would like.


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