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I can’t wait to see how God will foil the Cleveland Cavalier’s run at a championship this year.  We are so loaded that only God can stop us now, which of course, he will.  I just don’t see how.

Also, Gary Meadors and I teamed up this week to write pieces on the resurrection and the cross for Zondervan’s newsletter.  When I came to work today I noticed that Gary had double parked his pickup truck right in front of the seminary, which can only mean that Gary thinks his truck is precious or he’s drinking in the morning now.  For the record, he’s denied both.  You can read his piece here and mine here.






13 responses to “in other news”

  1. Indeed, Mike. There are some times when God’s omnipotence is not as comforting as others…

  2. Oh yeah, Mike. Since Flint was on the list, a “friend” sent me this link:

    I figured I’d pass it along since Cleveland’s prominent position is due in no small part to their sports teams (which actually are a part of the metric).

  3. mikewittmer

    How did they conclude that Cleveland is a more miserable city than Detroit or Flint? That’s just absurd. Have they never heard of LeBron?

  4. Jonathan Shelley

    Are you sure that Gary wasn’t just distraught about having to confine his library to his own office now? Packing up all those books to make room for a “visiting” theology prof could have blinded him with inconsolable grief (or rage).

  5. You mean still drinking in the morning now…

  6. Just to let you know, you’re prayers have been answered.

    Cleveland’s record and win streak: 43-11 (13 wins in a row)

    Cleveland’s record since the trade for Jamison: 0-2

    Jamison’s box score tonight: 0 for 12, 2 airballs, 2 pts, 7 rebounds.

    Ahhh…I’m so glad the Cleveland curse is still around…I was getting a little worried about the Cavs.

  7. Given Cornerstone’s new policy, I can’t speak for what Dr. Meadors drinks or dosen’t. I can only attest that back in our days at Grace Seminiary, he gave no indication of ever going beyond grape juice…. Cheers…

  8. Yooper

    It seems that I am missing something regarding the posts about Gary Meadors and his apparent problem with alcohol. Is the intent that of humor or discipline?

  9. Adam F.

    Yooper, I can vouch for Gary Meadors: these are just jokes, he doesn’t have a drinking problem.

    Gary Meadors is no Keith Richards.

    Well, now that I think about it, Gary and Keith both play stringed instruments, listen to American roots music, and were founding members of the Rolling Stones!

  10. Jonathan Shelley

    Gary definitely does not have a drinking problem. In fact, he is quite accomplished at it.

  11. mikewittmer


    Sorry for the inside humor. If you knew Gary you would probably think that this is funny. A couple of years ago I started a rumor that he had a drinking problem and now it’s kind of out of control. He’s okay with it (he might even wish it was true), so I keep going (see what I mean, I just can’t stop).

  12. Adam F.

    [Gary Meadors once said to a crowded press conference, “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a police problem!”]

  13. Cleveland will fail its goal for a title because like the puppets say you cant stop the unstoppable!!!! Unless its on christmas day thats another story LOL Purple and Gold just cannot let Shaq win another ring on another team again nope nope nope Curious Mike, where do most cavs fans believe lebron will end up after this year??

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