marketing repentance

I’m sure that you have seen the new Tiger Woods’ television ad for Nike.  The 30-second spot features Tiger staring into the camera as the voice of his late father Earl says: “Tiger, I am more prone to being inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything?”

This ad raises many issues, such as the ick factor, but what most interests me is how it is intended to be Tiger’s public penance with his father playing the role of God. Can you imagine the Last Judgment playing out anything like this? Will God say, “Tiger, you hurt a lot of women during your life. I really want to know how you feel about that and what you have taken away from the experience”?

An inadequate understanding of sin will always lead to an inadequate understanding of repentance, judgment, and salvation. Until Tiger comprehends and confesses the depth of his depravity, he won’t see his need for Jesus.







2 responses to “marketing repentance”

  1. david

    strangely, it is still ALL about Tiger.


  2. Robert

    A question I have for you. Paul in Romans says how he constantly battles sin, doing what he hates and what he knows he shouldn’t,while not doing what he knows he should. He states it in present tense which means its ongoing. Surely Paul knew the depth of his depravity and the truth of his salvation, so why did he battle sin as he did?? He must have been confessing repenting then the cycle over and over again right??

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