these golden years

Life is tough right now in Michigan, but I heard some encouraging items over the weekend that remind us that life here is better than we think.

1. Alvin Plantinga will soon retire to Grand Rapids to teach part-time at Calvin College. Our fair city will then boast the retired Nicholas Wolterstorff, George Marsden, and Plantinga, which means that (a) this may be the best time to be a Christian in GR and (b) in 2025 the best liberal arts education in America will be found in Grand Rapids’ nursing homes. Imagine the ad for Covenant Community Assisted Living: “volunteering here will blow your mind.” Or “Come to serve, Stay for the free education.”

2. A state university is paying Peter Singer $20,000 to speak on their campus. Apparently our state budget is not as bankrupt as we thought. If we can give five figures to Singer, imagine how much we can spare for roads and the poor.

3. A popular liberation theologian may also come to Michigan, but only if the sponsoring agency can pony up $25,000 in speaking fees. Consider how much progress our poor have made, when their spokesman won’t share his thoughts for less than $25,000.

4. After years of praising LeBron while disparaging the rest of the team, Charles Barkley now concedes that the Cavaliers are the best team in the NBA and should win the championship. Their victory would eliminate my best argument for God’s existence, but it would be worth it. In fact, if an increasing number of evangelicals are right, my inability to know God would actually enhance my faith in him. So Go Cavs!

In a related story, I would give my right arm to see any Cleveland team win a championship in my lifetime.  And it looks like I may now have to.  Give God points for creativity:  He gave us The Shot, The Drive, The Fumble, The Error, and now The Sleeper Elbow?!







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  1. Great thoughts, Mike — but even better, the title of this post could be the title of your next book. I think a David Bowie song would round out the collection nicely.

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