God is dead

We did it!  Here are the opening paragraphs from an article in USA Today today:

Who says Cleveland can’t win a championship? The long-suffering sports city — which can’t seem to win a trophy on a court or a field — captured one in a hotel ballroom Friday night when 14-year-old Anamika Veeramani took first prize at the 83rd Scripps National Spelling Bee.

“Go Cavs!” Anamika said, shortly after accepting the winner’s trophy, which also comes with more than $40,000 in cash and prizes.

The Cavaliers, of course, lost their bid to win the NBA title this year, which allowed star center Shaquille O’Neal to drop by earlier in the day and film a segment for his reality show. Anamika, who lives in the Cleveland suburb of North Royalton, has never been to a game but is a big fan.






6 responses to “God is dead”

  1. Jonathan Shelley

    Of course, this “championship” has come with quite a measure of controversy over ABC’s handling of the broadcast and giving contestants free passes to the later rounds to fill their time slot. So perhaps this monumental moment needs an asterisk.

  2. mikewittmer

    P.S. I mean “We did it” as in Cleveland won something, not as in we killed God. The point of the heading is that God must have taken his mind off Cleveland long enough for us to bring home a championship. Next we’re hoping for our mathletes to do well, and then we’ll try for something truly athletic.

  3. OK, I’m not getting the title of the blog post. Is there a connection somehow?

  4. mikewittmer


    The best argument I have for the existence of God is the failure of Cleveland sports teams. If there was no God, then Cleveland would have won something at least once in my lifetime. So now that Cleveland has a spelling champion, I’m halfway to losing my faith. Now that you’re living in Ohio, you’ll find out soon enough what I mean. How are you doing down there, by the way?

  5. Anselm2010


    I’m not sure, but I think your Cleveland championship argument is the only apophatic argument for the existence of God. This could revolutionize apologetics. Have you thought about writing a book on this?

  6. mikewittmer


    I would, but Cubs fans would probably hijack it.

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