so funny and true, I call it “funue”

Matt Westerholm mentioned this to me, and Jonathan Shelley just sent me the link.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may skip church this Sunday.  Watch this if you enjoy satire aimed at us.






8 responses to “so funny and true, I call it “funue””

  1. Be sure you also watch the video that this video was patterned after. It’s hilarous and like usual better than the Christian version which is irony. It’s called “Acadamy Award Winning Movie”

  2. Jonathan Shelley

    If you have a chance, translate the Hebrew tattoo on the “arms wide open” guy. It’s that kind of attention to detail that makes this video so awesome.

  3. mikewittmer

    Wasn’t it “Yahweh”? And that is supposed to show that he has a past? Now that’s funny.

  4. mikewittmer

    Mike G.:

    You’re right. Now movies are ruined for me as well. Thanks a lot!

  5. Dan Jesse

    The Tattoo is (Spoiler) “I’m the Man!”

  6. If people spray-painted random Hebrew words on walls, could you call it “vanderlaanism”?

    Okay. I didn’t think so.

  7. Eric Karloski

    I think the Hebrew could have 3 different meanings (I could be wrong on one of them).

    1. It could be a waw consecutive (and, but, you get the idea!) with the verb hayah, “to be/become” as in Exodus 3:14.

    2. It could also be the waw consecutive plus the divine name yhwh.

    3. Maybe it could be the waw consecutive plus the hebrew letter yod = a hebrew yayiqtol (sp?) form which introduces/develops/changes hebrew narrative sequences plus the suffixed hiy, the first common singular form “he”. this would translate very literally “and he” or “then he”

    If you combined options 1 and 3 you would get a very paraphrased rendering of something like “I am he”

    Either way, all of these option never are seperate from a subject or object so I think the joke stands 🙂

  8. Jonathan Shelley


    I was just telling a friend about how your jokes are so obscure that they transcend humor and become post-funny. Thank you for proving my point.


    Thanks for providing the detailed analysis of the Hebrew that I didn’t understand but believe simply because you said it.

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