ohio gets it. Go Bucks!






6 responses to “ohio gets it. Go Bucks!”

  1. Brian McLaughlin

    I love all the scarlet and gray. I love the Buckeye jerseys. I love the song. But…even Ohioans can make mistakes. I mean, the Glee version of Don’t Stop Believing? Really??? I would have been much more impressed with Steve Perry, or at least the new guy from You-Tube.

    I pray that Ohio doesn’t succumb to the Glee tribute to Britney Spears.

  2. Jonathan Shelley

    Journey without Steve Perry is like Christianity without doctrine – it might sound the same but it just leaves you feeling empty.

    Journey performed by Glee… for shame, Ohio, for shame.

  3. I am once again reminded of the debt of gratitude I owe my grandfather for moving his family that 10 miles from Northwest Ohio, over the state line into Michigan….

  4. mikewittmer


    That is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.


    I wondered why there was a girl singing–I figured that it was the Chinese knock-off version. I’ve never seen Glee–perhaps because I’ve got the joy joy joy way down deep in my heart.

  5. Rob

    Is this a scene from “High School Musical IV”?

  6. mikewittmer

    I didn’t cry during this one, so probably not.

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