not going anywhere for awhile? the ultimate snickers ad

You’ve probably seen the news about the 60 mile traffic jam outside Beijing that will take weeks to unclog.  Beijing was overcrowded in the early nineties when I lived there, and I can’t imagine ten million people with cars.  On the other hand, the people stuck in this jam have probably ridden in the hard seat car to get home for Chinese New Year, which means that they are used to unthinkable congestion and inconvenience (people standing up against people in the aisles all night long, and it’s an ordeal just to push your way to the bathroom, which is a hole you squat over while the train is moving–probably why the Chinese turn out such great gymnasts).

I guess it’s all relative.  I was thinking about avoiding the intersection that is being paved by my house this morning, but now I think I’ll head straight for it and enjoy the delay.  It could be worse.






3 responses to “not going anywhere for awhile? the ultimate snickers ad”

  1. Jonathan Shelley

    This brings a whole new dimension to “Are we there yet?”

  2. When we first moved to the metro area, the traffic was hard to get use to. Driving became a lesson in the Christian virtue of patience, and all to often I failed the exam…

    I’ve come to the conclusion traffic slow ups and jams, which in most cases around here are due to road constructioin, is God’s way of telling us we need to slow down, take a couple of deep breaths, and remember the things that are really important…. ( After all, we could be riding camels in a North African desert…)

    Just perhaps the traffic jam near Beijing will be an occassion of spiritual revivial in China. Just a thought…

  3. Just don’t try to squat over anything near said intersection.

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