Red Right 88

Today is the 30th anniversary of the biggest sporting event of my Northeast Ohio childhood.  In case you think your teams have played worse than mine, remember that this is my biggest highlight.  It’s interesting that the announcer called Mike Davis’ interception a “miracle,” as if Cleveland fans had any doubts that God was against them.  

I also notice that the players seem normal-sized and genuinely excited when they win the game.  It’s like when you’re in fifth grade you can play tackle football in the backyard and really enjoy it, but when you get into high school it’s just too dangerous.  Maybe the NFL is becoming too professional, and the players too big, that it’s losing some of its grade school fun.  I’m going to go ahead and call it.  The NFL has jumped the shark, and its popularity will now begin to wane (especially after DeMaurice Smith, a Cedarville alum, leads the players association into a lockout).






7 responses to “Red Right 88”

  1. Brian McLaughlin

    Mike, you know how much I respect you, but this post proves you either have post-holiday hangover or are just going senile.

    First, your all consuming passion with Cleveland sports when everyone in Ohio knows that no one cares for Ohio professional sports, Ohio State is THE professional sport. How could you post this after a dramatic Sugar Bowl win (which will give our players some nice new rings to replace the others).

    Second, the NFL decreasing in popularity? That is simply crazy. What will replace it…LeBron in the NBA finals??

  2. mikewittmer


    Check eBay–I think you can pick-up a Sugar Bowl MVP trophy at a very good price.

  3. Ahhh the memories. I always kinda liked Brian Sipe, but 18-43 with three picks is a pretty rough day!

  4. …and I know better than to try to compare it to being a Cleveland fan, but as a Mizzou football fan growing up, I can at least relate: Until 2003, my top THREE Mizzou football game experiences were all losses.

  5. Hey, don’t forget Bernie Kosar’s clutch touchdown drive (with Harper’s catch) in the ’93 NFC championship game . . . for the Cowboys.

    Ozzie Newsome appears gigantic compared to the other players.

  6. Dave Carpenter

    Mike, are meeting your quota?

  7. Mike, maybe the new name for this site should be “Don’t Stop Blogging.”


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