can your city do this?

Last year in a fit of irony Newsweek claimed that Grand Rapids was a dying city. Since Newsweek knows what it feels like to be dying, we took this claim seriously. Here is our response (credit goes to Rob Bliss, who put this together).






4 responses to “can your city do this?”

  1. Newsweek obviously didn’t take into account our growing population of retired superstar philosopher/theologian/historians.

  2. It looks like the video’s thumbnail recently changed. Now it looks like the people of Grand Rapids are in the middle of an angry riot with tear gas. This might not help our city image.

  3. Newsweek is dying…. When Time also dies, “Time will be no more…”

  4. I watched this over the weekend and thought for sure you would have been featured in one of the guitar solos. I was very disappointed.

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