ohio sports

Think you’re having a bad day? Pity the poor guy trying to sell this.

On the bright side, tomorrow night Akron’s favorite son takes the first step toward his inevitable NBA championship, and the Cleveland Indians, though having lost three of their last four games, are still the best team in baseball. The people most excited about this live in New York, for they know that if our team turns out to be as good as we think, they’ll be wearing Yankee uniforms in three years. 

Remember, these are the highlights of Cleveland sports. I would share the bad news, but I don’t want to give Cleveland fans a reason to think that Harold Camping is right.






2 responses to “ohio sports”

  1. So even Tressel is into selling his memorabilia now.

  2. Aaron Cooper

    Just sent you an email but thought it might be faster to contact you this way instead. Is your CU email address still your primary one? I would like to keep in touch….

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