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Here is an insightful review from St. Andrews that makes one of the big points that I argue for in Christ Alonei.e., that Rob Bell’s project is really a dated form of Christian existentialism that goes back to Tillich and Niebuhr. I think this is the key to understanding what Love Wins is up to, and I commend this review (and my book) to you.






5 responses to “another good review”

  1. Steve S.

    I haven’t read your book, and perhaps you address the issue there, but do you think Bell knows how similar his ideas to Tillich and Niebuhr? Or does he really think he’s bringing something new to the table?

  2. mikewittmer


    I assume he does know, or an M Div from Fuller isn’t worth what it used to be.

  3. I don’t think he (Bell) feels it matters whether he shows his knowledge of his predecessors. I think his audience are those who’ve been hurt by the church (whether still part of it, or no longer, or never have been). I think Steve’s review of Love Wins over at Transpositions is great. But, i’m beginning to wonder exactly what it is that Bell is trying to communicate….

  4. What if Bell is trying to invite people to the banquet who have previously been excluded or forgotten? Jesus makes it pretty clear that the kingdom of God is available to all people, and the most unusual people are invited in his parables.

    Yet the American evangelical church stays away from many people who appear to have leprosy. Choose the issue, but the fact remains that sinners are largely excluded. I dare guess Rob has a huge heart for calling people in into the story of God, and he has lost hope in the story of conservative evangelical American being able to speak into the lives of these people.

    Given the numbers of young people who are exiting the church, I find it ironic that we’re placing so much attention on Rob and his left leanings. So what it it helps people be able to see and hear the Spirit in their midst.

  5. Great to be with you this week, brother! Just subscribed to this blog.

    Hope you got home,


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