art that tells the story

Chris Brewer’s Art That Tells the Story is now available. I mentioned this before, but it’s a coffee table collection of works grouped around the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. It’s something that every Kuyperian should possess, and since we’re all Kuyperians now (thanks to the successful efforts of N. T. Wright and Andy Crouch), we all should have this. If nothing else, this is a great idea for a church library.

Byron Borger reviews the book and offers the best deal out there:  20% off plus two free British copies of Al Wolters, Creation Regained. It’s like our version except that Jesus’ title is spelled Saviour and the humor is really hard to get.






4 responses to “art that tells the story”

  1. “and since we’re all Kuyperians now (thanks to the successful efforts of N. T. Wright and Andy Crouch)…”


    I’d love to get this book, unfortunately, I spent all my money buying a hundred copies of Rob Bell’s Picture book, Drops Like Stars. It’s sooooo deep! It even has a quote from Ghandi (currently in hell).

  2. Gary

    Thanks for the book “revue.”

  3. I just led a discussion about the images in this book with my Tuesday night college student group. Excellent! Thanks for your work in it. I love it when we can experience the story through more than intelligence, but to feel the story through art as well.

  4. mikewittmer

    Thanks, Bob! Chris Brewer did a masterful job compiling the artwork, and I was glad to participate–and happy to see it is being used.

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