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I noticed that much of the discussion about Love Wins lingers on its views of hell, when what is needed is a deeper evaluation of how its position on hell leads to a different, existentialist understanding of the atonement. To that end, the Christ Alone website has now published chapter 7 as a free pdf. You may download it here, and pass it along to anyone who might benefit from it.

In related news, Amazon is attempting to control both the selling and the publishing of books (they want everyone to publish through them). In an attempt to encourage them to restock Christ Alone (and not take 2-3 weeks to ship), tomorrow we will raise the amazon price to $20, with the hope that they will discount it back to its present level. In case they do not, tonight would be a good time to purchase the book at its current price. I’ll try to keep you informed of any other pertinent news. I like capitalism, but monopolies can be a drag!






3 responses to “free chapter”

  1. I hope a lot of people buy it. A truly great book.

  2. My minister just preached some fantastic sermons regarding the topic of hell. They can be listened to on our church website:
    The first was July 17 p.m., the second July 24 p.m. (which for some reason is not up yet). I had actually just read Love Wins and was really looking forward to this sermon series. He has an eloquent manner of discussing reformed theology regarding hell.

  3. This is really interesting. I hope you can come check out my blog at and subscribe! Thanks

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