go with God

Andy Naselli has an embarrassingly cute man crush on Tim Tebow. After reading this Wall Street Journal story, I understand why. Tebow played for Florida and now Denver, two teams that Ohio sports fans have learned to hate. But it’s very hard not to root for him–and most of all, to pray that God will protect him from the many temptations that are surely coming his way.






2 responses to “go with God”

  1. You crack me up, Mike!

    Go Tebow! (I’m a Bears fan, but I’m pulling for Tebow this Sunday afternoon!)


  2. Phil Jones

    Amen! He is a very young man with a TON on his mind and heart. I have been so impressed with his humility and tenacious witness. May God bless him…and may he keep his mind and heart where they need to be as a believer!

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