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The news that Christopher Hitchens has died is particularly sad. I cite him as an illustration of a bad way to die on my forthcoming book on that subject, for it seems that he kept his atheism all the way to the end. I’m sure I would have enjoyed knowing him. It’s tragic–and that is too light a word–that he apparently didn’t join his brother in believing in Jesus. Today’s N.Y. Times has an article on his life and death.

Update:  Doug Wilson has written a powerful essay on his friendship with Hitchens.






5 responses to “sad news”

  1. Very, very sad (and I know these words do not capture the significance of this situation. I wrote a recent post about a conversation with a good friend who had a near death experience. We discussed how irrational and and “unnatural” it must be for people to face death with out believing in and knowing God.

  2. I am especially grieved, because I was at one time a professing, practicing Atheist just like Mr. Hitchens. As John Donne declared, every man’s death diminishes me.

  3. I didn’t expect this, but this news frightens me. Apart from the sheer pleasure of God, I would be walking into the same judgment.

  4. Joey

    Hitchens was by far, the more interesting of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. There have been many books responding to the new atheists movement. The atheists have helped christian apologists refine their arguments, more specifically with the portrayal of God in the OT being a sadistic god.

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