humor with a point

Jonathan Shelley forwarded this satirical look at our national debt. It’s only three minutes long, and be sure you watch it all the way to the end.






11 responses to “humor with a point”

  1. James Huber

    Wow – well stated

  2. Jack Horton

    Okay, as a recovering politician I’ll bite. Jonathan should just stick to theology and leave deficit spending to the professionals of the ruling class. After all we, I mean they, know better how to spend your hard earned money than you do. And they certainly know how to spend your children’s future earnings better than they do.

  3. Great find! I’ll pass this along! I now work in banking customer service with Fifth Third Bank. And the stories I hear from people and the debt I see is so very sad. And it’s effecting every level of society.

  4. Jonathan Shelley


    I thought the point of the video was to demonstrate that the government will always triumph with spending plans and debt ceilings and that my child(ren) should feel honored that Congress would think to include them at such an early age. It’s truly humbling that my daughter, at just a few months old, can play such a critical role in our government today.

  5. Jack Horton


    You may yet begin to understand the infinite wisdom of the ruling elite.

  6. Jack Horton


    One last point. You need not worry about politics since the YRR and 2K crowd has determined that that is not the mission of the church.

  7. Jonathan Shelley


    But the pastor of Fountain Street Church here in Grand Rapids said that Jesus would be part of the Occupy movement, and my pastor said on Sunday that since we are Protestants we should be proud to be part of a movement that fights against injustice and inequality. So I guess politics is the mission of Christians, if not the church.

  8. However helpful videos such as this may be in making people aware of the deficit problem, it falls short in that it offers no solutions. What gets left unsaid is while most people admit that we need to reduce the federal deficit, very few are willing to sacrifice his or her own personal sacred cow to do so. It’s fairly easy and popular to blame the rich, the poor, the politicians, any multitudes of “them” come to mind here, just as long as it’s someone other than ourselves.
    I’m not disagreeing with the video that something needs to be done, just pointing out that doesn’t really get us any closer to a solution.

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  10. Joey

    Here’s a solution, amend the constitution to limit spending based upon income. Democrats have repeatedly vetoed those bills. What is sad is that historically in the past 200 years we have spent more than we took in. Eventually the piper will be calling.

  11. The problem I have with such a solution is that if voters would hold lawmakers accountable, it wouldn’t be necessary. And if they fail to do so, then such an amendment isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Lawmakers will simply resort to bookkeeping tricks (like taking items “off-budget”) to get around its requirements.

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