summer thoughts

1. I was making small talk with the fellow behind me as we waited for the service to start at the prison on Sunday. I mentioned that I like the taste of strawberries. He replied, “I like the taste of freedom.” Well, that was awkward.

2. One of the best feelings in the world is having a puppy lick between your toes. While eating strawberries.

3. How is Mitt Romney going to criticize Obamacare without looking like a flip-flopper? It seems fitting that he is represented by John Kerrey in Obama’s practice debates.

4. I’ve seen enough mothers behaving badly—and being rewarded for it by the courts—that I understand why a young man would want a prenuptial agreement. It’s still wrong, but I get it.

5. How is the water temperature of Lake Michigan only 56 degrees? And yet given our heat and humidity, that still sounds tempting.

6. Are professors who prepare on-line classes digging their own graves?

7. When LeBron asks to come home the year after next, will he seem like a mercenary or a hero doing the right thing?

8. Protestants must stand against the government’s insistence that Catholic institutions fund health insurance that violates their conscience. A lot is at stake here.

9. Why is it so hard to find an inexpensive bike with a chain, pedal breaks, and no gears?

10. We may think that our dog likes us, but really the only thing he loves is food.






3 responses to “summer thoughts”

  1. Lisa

    I think I could help with #9. My stepdad often buys bikes at garage sales, fixes them and sells them. He only works on the basics. If you are serious I could call, see what he has (if anything – sometimes he is low or has nothing), he could e-mail pics and I could probably get it next weekend when I head north. Let me know.

  2. 5. The water temp in the Gulf and my pool is 85.
    6. I wouldn’t do online if I were your age. It has, however, helped to delay drawing on 401s etc at my age.
    10. Go to Walmart and look for a 5 speed variety with large tires…some nice ones. Then pedal down to Florida for warm water. By the time you get here, you can teach online too.

  3. #9—because it’s called an antique.

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