by the powers of Brady Hoke

Perhaps reading Peter Leithart’s Defending Constantine has over sensitized me to the merging of church and culture, but today’s Grand Rapids Press includes evidence for what we Buckeyes have long suspected:  Michigan football is a pagan religion. Apparently for $13,000 you can now walk out of the tunnel of the Big House and get married on the 50 yard line. The stadium will seem as empty as a Mitt Romney speech in Ford’s Field, but you can’t put a price on selling out to a deity who barely won on its home field in Ohio State’s off year.

Please don’t remind me that the church building is not the church and so you can have a church wedding, or even a state wedding, just about anywhere. My main point is not so much theological as observational. If you’re going to devote your marriage to a college football team, wouldn’t you pick someone in the SEC?






3 responses to “by the powers of Brady Hoke”

  1. Jeff V.

    I was at your wedding and an outside venue in Ann Arbor would have been a nice touch. At the pagan shrine in Columbus you can propose, marry and party all right at the ‘Shoe.

  2. mikewittmer

    Jeff, Thanks for your passive/aggressive take on my wedding. I would say something derogatory about your gift, but I don’t remember what it was (see, I can play this game too!) 🙂
    One advantage of the OSU wedding is that his and her tattoos are included. Sure hope Penn State doesn’t jump on this bandwagon, as it doesn’t seem to be the right venue for a celebration of romance.

  3. Marc

    Go Blue!

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