game on

Philip Ryken, the president of Wheaton College, and John Garvey, the president of The Catholic University of America, wrote an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal which states they are suing Health and Human Services for the religious freedom not to pay for insurance which covers the “morning after” pill (and contraception, in the Catholics’ case).

Eric Metaxas mentioned the evangelical need to unite with Catholics on this issue when he spoke at Acton University last month here in Grand Rapids, and I’m glad to see Wheaton take the lead. I’m guessing that other evangelical schools can sign on to support the case, which seems like a good thing to consider.

To paraphrase Metaxas, the state has no business telling a church what is its business. Metaxas said we’re not near the level of what the German church encountered in the 1930s, but the HHS mandate is in the same genre.







One response to “game on”

  1. The media has had a heyday with so-called Catholic “War Against Women”™ by making it out to be a war against birth control and condoms. Not so fast: The language of “contraception” in the AHA is deceptive because that mandate actually covers everything from birth control to abortifacient drugs.

    Yes, glad Wheaton is taking the evangelical lead along with Catholics to assert itself against the tyranny of the State. Hopefully our alma maters will join!

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