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I was teaching last night so I missed it, and I am too busy to watch it on my DVR, but according to its own press release the NBC show “The New Normal” is the latest attempt to mainstream homosexual behavior. The strategy began with “Will and Grace” (according to Joe Biden), made significant strides with “Modern Family,” and is now attempting to finish the job with “The New Normal.”

The article in my paper said the show is about two guys “in a stable and committed relationship” who “become disheartened by the obstacles they face” in having a child. I would think their main obstacle comes from nature, but never mind. They find a willing woman who will become their surrogate for cash, and of course the woman is fleeing her own “dead-end” heterosexual marriage and her “conservative and bigoted grandmother.”

If you think these stereotypes are unfair, you will be relieved to know that the show “really isn’t overtly political.” Justin Bartha, who plays one of the gay guys, says “This show really is, first and foremost, a show about family…The fact that the central characters are gay is not the talking point of every single scene…It’s just another characteristic of these people.”

I have two observations:

1. Notice how the very premise of the show is trying to force the assumption that the debate about gay marriage is over. As Bartha states, “I just think it’s ridiculous that this still [is] an issue….” He adds, “it’s also an issue that is, in my opinion, well past its expiration date.”

Well, you can’t run off the field at the start of the fourth quarter and claim you’ve won the game (though this is a strategy the Browns should have tried on Sunday).

2. Notice how every television show and editorial on gay sex talks about everything except the sex. Proponents of gay marriage want to talk about everything except the essence of what they are talking about. Consider for a moment what gay men actually do with and to each other, and you’ll understand why. But if they won’t talk about what gay marriage actually is, then not only is this debate not over, it hasn’t even started.



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3 responses to “the new normal”

  1. Joey

    Mike, Just wanted to say it is such a relief to see you commenting on topics like these in the social media. I wish there were more people like you doing this. I find the silent majority to be.. silent.

  2. 1. A debate can be over for some people even when it is not over for others. You can say that the debate over the bibles authority is over (for you) although clearly there are some who wouldn’t agree. For many people the debate over whether gay relationships ought to be able to marry is over (in either direction) but for others it is ongoing. I suggest that Justin Bartha spoke as one of the former.
    2. Are you proposing that a sitcom should be explicitly sexual? That’s ridiculous. Whether that sex is heterosexual or homosexual it would be censored. As far as I can tell nobody in the media talks about heterosexual marriages in terms of the sex act as it is comitted in those relationship either.

  3. Tony: Of course, I’m not calling for explicit sexual immorality being displayed onscreen, but it is telling that while movies and sitcoms are full of explicit heterosexual acts they are careful not to show two guys sharing even a passionate kiss. The creators of Will and Grace said this was intentional, so as not to gross out the audience.

    My point is not that they should show homosexual acts, but I think it’s disingenuous for them to pretend that the main event never occurs. Maybe it’s the gay version of Mrs. and Mrs. Brady sleeping in twin beds.

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