Yesterday a seeker oriented church in my town gave its Sunday morning platform to unrepentant porn star Ron Jeremy. The ploy seemed to work, as the story landed the church on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press and as a lead story on the evening news. Jeremy told the 2,000 member audience that most porn stars believe in God, there is nothing wrong with “recreational sex,” and all good people go to heaven. If one of the marks of the church is the preaching of the Word, then I have to ask whether this assembly has relinquished its right to be called a church.

I wonder how the pastor of this gathering plans on helping those in his group who are struggling with pornography. They saw him give his “pulpit” (actually a stool with a microphone) to an actively working porn actor, so they might reasonably wonder if porn is really all that bad.

And that would be a tragedy, because according to a book I recently received, When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography, such “recreational sex” is ripping apart many of our Christian marriages. Vicki Tiede’s excellent book would be good for husbands to read, if for no other reason than to realize that viewing porn online is not a victim-less sin. Their selfish and futile attempts to satisfy their sexual desires are devastating to the self-image and trust of their wives. Husbands need to ask what viewing porn says about their wives, and if they don’t intend on sending this message then maybe they should stop.

But When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography is actually written directly to women. I don’t know my way around the genre, but the book contains many of the elements that draw women in—emotional stories, first person quotes, exegesis of Bible passages, and workbook-like space to write in your answers. Its format is what I think a Beth Moore book would be like, if I could only remember what that’s like. At any rate, I suspect that women will love this book and benefit greatly from it. They will especially appreciate hearing from someone who has been where they are and understands the agony they are suffering.

I suspect this book will become quite popular, not only because it’s well done but tragically because it will be more and more needed. Especially at the church that just hosted Ron Jeremy.







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  1. Michael Smith

    Mr. Wittmer did you attend one of the services? I think you may have missed some very important information. Craig Gross from XXX Church was also on the stage asking Mr. Jeremy questions. Also Craig gave a compelling message at the end of the service talking about the love of Christ and His desire to have a relationship with us all. And the way Jesus interacted with “sinners”. The other thing to point out is this service was within the context of the “Exposed” series on Gods plan for real intimacy in our lives. From a biblical perspective the teaching has been about the redemptive work of Christ in our lives and the results of our choices on our relationships. You should stop by a service sometime and check it out. I think you may be pleasantly surprised. Blessings.

  2. Mike, I briefly met Ron Jeremy and Craig Gross in New Orleans in the Spring of 2008 when I was collegiate director at NAMB. My office financially assisted the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Tulane University as they organized and promoted a debate between the two men. We thought it would be a great opportunity for Christians to present a clear and compelling case against porn. It was our understanding that Gross would bring a strong, well prepared presentation. However, we were very surprised and really stunned to see just the opposite happen. The presentation by Gross was poorly done and lacked supporting documentation. The students in that audience needed to hear a good case against the use of pornography. Unfortunately Gross seemed more concern with being a loving and good friend of Jeremy. Jeremy argued his case well and won that debate. What a disappointment! It didn’t have to be that way.

    From Michael Smith’s comment above, and from the front page of the Grand Rapids newspaper, it sounds like the same type of thing happened at this church. If so, that is a shame.

    A couple of the many online articles relating to Jeremy and Craig:
    Tulane school paper:
    Video news interview example:

  3. is one of the most effective ministries dealing with pornography addiction. If Craig Gross was there, I suspect helping people addicted to pornography was exactly what the pastor was about.

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